Tupperware Run for Water
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Tupperware Run for Water - Mar 25, 2012
ASEANA CITY Gunstarts 10K - 05:45:10 AM 5K - 05:50:10 AM 3K - 05:55:10 AM
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Personal Information

  Name : Rowel Lacanlale
  Bib Number : 2351
  Event : 10K
  Time : 00:55:58
  Age :
  Gender :
  Pace : 0:05:35 MIN/KM
  Your weight (in kg) :

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Rowel Lacanlale's Ranking :

Tupperware Run for Water : 10KM
Runningmate Ranking

Rank Name Time Pace
43Edgar Pareja00:53:270:05:20 min/km
44Mark Gabriel Sina-on00:54:110:05:25 min/km
45Randy Bautista00:54:340:05:27 min/km
46Michelle Caballero00:54:370:05:27 min/km
47Michael Angelo Santos00:54:400:05:28 min/km
48Lorenzo Manansala00:54:410:05:28 min/km
49Roderick Gallegos00:54:460:05:28 min/km
50Glen Salterio00:55:160:05:31 min/km
51Inocencio Raguenio00:55:190:05:31 min/km
52Iggie Lou Silvela00:55:540:05:35 min/km
53Rowel Lacanlale00:55:580:05:35 min/km
54Lorenzo Jayson Manansala00:56:010:05:36 min/km
55Tammy Jabagat00:56:240:05:38 min/km
56Homer Lim00:56:480:05:40 min/km
57Harold Bonag00:56:520:05:41 min/km
58Jerry Cea00:57:070:05:42 min/km
59Warlito Rala00:57:100:05:43 min/km
60Jojo Guanlao00:57:130:05:43 min/km
61Robert Bialen00:57:170:05:43 min/km
62Normando Mojica00:57:190:05:43 min/km
63Cyrille Urena00:57:410:05:46 min/km
Rank Name Time Pace
You ranked number 3210 out of 29108 runners
3190RAYMUND IGLESIA00:55:530:05:35 min/km
3191"ANTONIO RAY00:55:540:05:35 min/km
3192No name 00:55:540:05:35 min/km
3193Jefferson Ladores00:55:540:05:35 min/km
3194Iggie Lou Silvela00:55:540:05:35 min/km
3195DEXTER LIM00:55:550:05:35 min/km
3196Patrick Ryan Velarde00:55:550:05:35 min/km
3197Amiel Losabio00:55:560:05:35 min/km
3198Panghulan Bernardo00:55:560:05:35 min/km
3199Arlene Evangelista 00:55:560:05:35 min/km
3200Ricky Delijero00:55:560:05:35 min/km
3201Joselito Galero00:55:570:05:35 min/km
3202Armando Rebucas00:55:570:05:35 min/km
3203DAGONDON NIEL00:55:570:05:35 min/km
3204Joel Cano00:55:570:05:35 min/km
3205 00:55:570:05:35 min/km
3206(NO NAME)00:55:570:05:35 min/km
3207Luis Quintos00:55:580:05:35 min/km
3208Romeo Hose?a00:55:580:05:35 min/km
3209Minako Kobayashi00:55:580:05:35 min/km
3210Rowel Lacanlale00:55:580:05:35 min/km
3211Francis Pua00:55:580:05:35 min/km
3212No Name 00:55:590:05:35 min/km
3213ELINO MACAHILIG00:55:590:05:35 min/km
3214JACOB ALBORES00:55:590:05:35 min/km
3215ARNEL PANALIGAN00:55:590:05:35 min/km
3216CARL DERRICK DUNGO00:56:000:05:36 min/km
3217 00:56:000:05:36 min/km
3218AFP 00:56:000:05:36 min/km
3219MICO SABADO00:56:000:05:36 min/km
3220Roderick Manlapas00:56:000:05:36 min/km
3221Michael Unson00:56:000:05:36 min/km
3222Ian Anthony Vera Cruz00:56:010:05:36 min/km
3223(NO NAME)00:56:010:05:36 min/km
3224JAYSON SALAZAR00:56:010:05:36 min/km
3225 00:56:010:05:36 min/km
3226Lorenzo Jayson Manansala00:56:010:05:36 min/km
3227Michael Cetron00:56:010:05:36 min/km
3228Armando Francisco00:56:020:05:36 min/km
3229Alde jesie De castro00:56:020:05:36 min/km
3230Orlando Ortines00:56:020:05:36 min/km