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Wilson DeJesus's Personal Record
SALOMON X Trail Run 2013
Race Results

SALOMON X Trail Run 2013 - Mar 22, 2013
Hamilo Coast Nasugbu batangas GunStart Time 24K - 05:14:20 AM 12K - 05:29:20 6K - 06:59:20 AM Organizers will provide an updated database as soon as they sort everything out. Results Will be updated as we receive it.
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Personal Information

  Name : Wilson DeJesus
  Bib Number : 1121
  Event : 24K
  Time : 06:39:49
  Age :
  Gender :
  Pace : 0:16:39 MIN/KM
  Your weight (in kg) :

Graphed Result

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Wilson DeJesus's Ranking :

SALOMON X Trail Run 2013 : 24KM
Runningmate Ranking

Rank Name Time Pace
421Janice Gilbuena06:26:110:16:05 min/km
422Joeven Gilbuena06:26:130:16:05 min/km
423Randy Fernandez06:26:160:16:05 min/km
424Marc Louie Olap06:28:490:16:12 min/km
425Ronnel Robles06:29:030:16:12 min/km
426Madeline Andal06:30:060:16:15 min/km
427Brandon Sibbaluca06:31:150:16:18 min/km
428Carlos Ocampo06:31:260:16:18 min/km
429No Name 06:32:090:16:20 min/km
430No Name 06:39:460:16:39 min/km
431Wilson DeJesus06:39:490:16:39 min/km
432No Name 06:40:530:16:42 min/km
433No Name 06:45:050:16:52 min/km
434Emerson Salvador06:49:050:17:02 min/km
435No Name 06:52:550:17:12 min/km
436Pedro Ricardo Cruz06:53:010:17:12 min/km
Rank Name Time Pace
You ranked number 1005 out of 1020 runners
985Marc Louie Olap06:28:490:16:12 min/km
986Ronnel Robles06:29:030:16:12 min/km
987Madeline Andal06:30:060:16:15 min/km
988Emmanuel Bueta06:30:380:16:16 min/km
989Brandon Sibbaluca06:31:150:16:18 min/km
990Andy White06:31:170:16:18 min/km
991Carlos Ocampo06:31:260:16:18 min/km
992Jennifer White06:31:280:16:18 min/km
993No Name 06:32:090:16:20 min/km
994Michael Manguerba06:33:080:16:22 min/km
995Patricio Abuel06:33:090:16:22 min/km
996Randy Pagdilao06:33:570:16:24 min/km
997Ryan Guiaman06:35:340:16:28 min/km
998 06:35:340:16:28 min/km
999Lilet Abuel06:35:370:16:29 min/km
1000MANUEL PACUBAS06:35:460:16:29 min/km
1001Elmer Ching06:36:050:16:30 min/km
1002Leonilo Ii Lagasca06:39:120:16:38 min/km
1003Jun Ryan Hernandez06:39:200:16:38 min/km
1004No Name 06:39:460:16:39 min/km
1005Wilson DeJesus06:39:490:16:39 min/km
1006Barbara Mendoza-Dugay06:40:290:16:41 min/km
1007 06:40:300:16:41 min/km
1008Arild Egay06:40:430:16:41 min/km
1009Dennis Macasaet06:40:440:16:41 min/km
1010Noel Arcullo06:40:530:16:42 min/km
1011No Name 06:40:530:16:42 min/km
1012 06:40:580:16:42 min/km
1013Brian Rey Budlao06:41:020:16:42 min/km
1014Ace Mancol06:43:140:16:48 min/km
1015Miko Santos06:43:200:16:48 min/km
1016Sheenalene Esguerra06:43:470:16:49 min/km
1017No Name 06:45:050:16:52 min/km
1018Emerson Salvador06:49:050:17:02 min/km
1019No Name 06:52:550:17:12 min/km
1020Pedro Ricardo Cruz06:53:010:17:12 min/km